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Chiltern Childcare Services

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When employing a Nanny or Childcarer there are a number of things to consider. At Chiltern Childcare we can provide information to answer many of the questions you may have as a nanny or employer.  Especially if this is the first time you are employing a nanny or starting your childcare career.  

First Aid Courses DBS checks


Drive a Child



When you employ a nanny in the UK you not only have to find the best carer for your children, you also become an employer, and as such you take on a host of responsibilities.
Nannytax offers a service that can take care of tax, national insurance and payslips, for an annual fee.
In addition they can provide contracts and insurance.


0845 226 2203













First aid Courses DBS checks




All nannies are expected to hold a current Paediatric First Aid certificate.  At Chiltern Childcare we can assist with courses if needed. 
We encourage and can assist all Nannies with Enhanced DBS checks




We recommend ChildMatters for Paediatric First Aid Courses  


Discount offered via Chiltern Childcare. Full Paediatric Ofsted Approved courses for Nannies and Families.


We also recommend Project Action & Childminding UK for a variety of Childcare/Ofsted approved courses.


Please mention Chiltern Childcare when booking.




Drive a Child


A new qualification that shows an employer you understand how to drive safely with children on board.


Chiltern Childcare is pleased to be able to offer a discount please use code - CHILTC15 




  • Interview preparation

  • Childcare vouchers

  • Qualification & course choices

  • Tax & NI info

  • Paediatric First Aid courses

  • DBS checks

  • Job descriptions & expectations

  • Childcare Resources

  • Dealing with sensitive issues

  • Contracts & Rules of Employment

  • Insurance

  • Ofsted Registration




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